Saturday, July 10, 2010

they not only compete in roles performing

For the top stars, they not only compete in roles performing but also in their daily fashion show. Therefore, public images are very important for them. Wherever they go, they will carefully make up themselves to become the focus of the media. As the approaching of fall and winter, their fashion of stylish Gucci handbags is changed by seasonal styles. Let’s take a close look at 09 fall and winter handbags collection of top women stars.Judith Leiber Party Clutch is one of the fashions. Take the one carried by Mary Norton for example; the soft touching satin brings a different feel for the owners. There is no wonder that so many women stars prefer such kind of clutch for their red carpet show.Rivet” Gucci handbag” are the hot of 09 spring and summer. In below seasons, they seem to continue their legend. Cheap Gucci handbags with decorative rivets are handsome and tough, delivering a cool fashion. Have a careful examination of 09 fall and winter collection, you will find that there seem to be something different from the previous styles. The angles and tough lines of the rivets have been decreased by adding an air of mellow beauty. The bright pink color is prone to evoke the lust for purchasing. See Rihnna, the white dress and rivet clutch help her to deduce the air of top star ultimately. Another two styles are recommended below.

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