Thursday, July 8, 2010

As many of you know on this forum, I love Hermes.

I have been looking for a Birkin for a very long time. I even put myself on the years long wait list at Hermes for a Rouge H or green bag. (More on that later.) I have also been extremely cautious on ebay because there is so much fraud for this handbag.So here''s my Birkin and its story. I saw the listing in January on ebay. Even though the pictures were not great, I could see that the leather and the stitching were correct. I started emailing the seller (who ends up being a jewelry designer!) to discuss details of the bag, and I realized the seller was real. I also googled her. I put in an offer on the bag. We negotiated and agreed upon a price. I got a very good deal. She even allowed me to pay via Paypal (an important safeguard for me).She lives in Virginia too, so we decided to meet at Ikea in Potomac Mills for the bag transfer. She drives up in a brand new Range Rover. She gets out of the car and I immediate spot her engagement ring. It''s ginormous. It''s has to be at least a 10 carat Ceylon sapphire with two 1.5 carat heart shaped diamond sides set in platinum. The prongs on the sapphire are heart shaped. It was a KILLER ring. It dwarfed my 7.65 Ceylon Sapphire 1.87 diamond ring. We compared rings. She admired mine--I admired hers.

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