Thursday, July 8, 2010

As we all know, the famous star, Kate Moss, is a super designer handbags aficionado

As we all know, the famous star, Kate Moss, is a super designer handbags aficionado. After we’ve seen Kate Moss holding her navy-like Gucci Sloaney bag, this time, we see her toting that Louis Vuitton Suede Asphalt Purse which is part of a collaboration between LV and director and style icon Sofia Coppola. Last time, she looks so relaxed with her simple getup and now she looks really chic with her contoured long top, blazers and frayed shorts.
Perhaps if it weren’t for the long necklace, blazers and her versatile yet luxurious looking LV bag, her totality would look as casual as when she was toting her Gucci purse. So anyway, the bag is actually not totally stunning since it comes only in dark color, but the suede material made it look really sumptuous. The leather trimming and bands that vertically surround the bag adds richness to it, making it classy and really smart.
It is indeed a versatile purse that you’d definitely want to have as an investment piece since this can really last for years use. This also doesn’t look that elegant but it would definitely be perfect for everyday use, which is indeed better.And since this is versatile both in design and shade, you know this could be easy to match with just about any ensembles whether for your day activities or after-dark parties

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