Thursday, July 8, 2010

One famous hermes story

I have been seen a story of hermes in the website:
Once there was a woman of selling newspaper, always stand in the Rue Paris Saint Honore Faubourg bois small business, here is the reason, he do in the streets because of the most rich in love is where hermes birkin office. Finally, the woman went Hermes birkin store clerks, love spotted her, telling her how to let her not convenience store, and further newsmen also bring colors woman calmly said, “please let me see the latest styles of silk scarves?”
Originally, it is the day of her dream come true, This is the day she stood in the Paris’s most beautiful window, work and promise to wish someday to save up enough money to buy for themselves a beautiful scarf. At this story, as if feel a stream through the heart, saying the story is a grew up in the family members of the hermes bag, you can imagine what he said at the time when the words of pride, a silk scarf a selling newspapers, although the beauty of a woman who did not know of her life, but this story was Hermes birkin, love family recorded Hermes birkin said “we are manufacture dream, let the beautiful dream continue.”

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