Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birkin know the value will be affected thereby

5 million pricing, rich also buy, rare animal skins version only in the introduction to buy version for... Much of Birkin package were to become a legend in the boutique Hermes, more let a person feel this is a museum shops, looking rather than Birkin variety of packets, miss will tell you: they just exhibits, buy, side line. Even so, there is a woman, if oneself STH not well-known stars, so also have to get the alliance.
It is reported that it's all over, Hermes was cancelled Birkin packets waiting list, this means that now go into any store, or shopping website login designated, dropping money, can you want to carry the bags. Birkin know the value will be affected thereby, but now we should worry about beats shouldn't be: can you rob? And the news be true? Recently, Victoria spent more than 14,000 dollars buy a love MaShiBai gold bag bag Birkin Hermes (), it is orange, but should not below it. Rich is different, no worries, shopping steps Wallace special, but may also be in order to escape the paparazzi. Victoria Beckham Victoria (4 million euros) never to use their own costs below. In order to give his football star husband bought a decent birthday gift, she can spend 60 million euros within one day. David Beckham is also spend money like water. In order to maintain his hair, his will to the barber there every week spent 2000 euro.
Of course, they also education of their children how to spend money. For example, they give 5-year-old son bought a small farrelly 38000 euros, seats are full of skin.
Victoria are never out of brand clothing, skiing gear is no exception. She pulled the CHANEL brand value, the snow is � 2050, MARC JACOBS boots, sunglass is brand new design DIOR.

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