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The bag features a leather flap closure which can then be secured using

All of the hermes kelly, except the smallest, come with a removable shoulder strap as well as a lock and keys, stored in none other than a Clochette.Saul wanted to create a fashion brand that had echoes of a traditional English country, gentry lifestyle yet also was cutting edge enough to attract fashion conscious women of the day. Coupled with exquisite leather workmanship the Mulberry Hermes Lindy soon became renowned for style and quality.However, Mulberry did not sacrifice practicality and functionality over style and design and Mulberry bags soon became coveted for their style and useability.
Although Mulberry enjoyed spectacular success with it's range of designer handbags, the company struck gold with the launch of the Mulberry Bayswater bag.
Calling upon all their years of experience, Mulberry created a bag that appealed to the fashionistas and celebrities yet wasn't just about good looks as Mulberry designed the bag with a practical eye.
The Bayswater is quite a spacious bag and measures approximately 36cms x 26cms x 16cms. This sets it apart from many of the other girly looking bags on the market. The two handles on the bag are long enough to allow you to wear the bag over your shoulder, in your hand or over your forearm and this variety of ways in which you can carry the bag seems to give the Bayswater a different look and feel about i
Kelly's are available in several different leathers (see our leather page), each of which is produced in an assortment of colors. Both leathers and colors are added and dropped from the Hermes collection from time to time, though there are leathers and colors which have been in the line since its inception.
It is mentioned that the wait for their more famous designs such as a special order Kelly Bag or Birkin requires around six years depending on the type of leather, skin or metal requested. Hence, it is not surprising that these luxurious Hermes Handbags can be priced to about five to six figures.
The Kelly handbag was named after the famous fashion icon Grace Kelly in the 1930s. The Birkin, on the other hand, was named for Jane Birkin who co-designed the bag with Hermes company president Jean-Louis Dumas. Both handbags are distinguished for its luxurious and classic design. They are considered as the brand's consistent top seller and most demand design. Bags from the current Hermes handbags collection also has a modern, youthful design such as the Silkypop bag which folds in a neat leather case

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