Thursday, July 8, 2010


Tommy Ton, from Jack & Jill blog, hit the streets around New York Fashion Week to photo journal what was happening outside of the tents. One of my favorite photos is the closeup shot of a woman carrying her black Crocodile Hermes Kelly Pochette. The closeup accessory photo exudes elegance. More photos from Tommy Ton hitting the streets of NYC at here.

When two masters of their domain come together to collaborate, no chin is safe from slobbering, wet drool. In this case, the German manufacturer Leica Camera AG and the Parisian high-fashion house Hermès joined forces to create a very special limited edition camera, namely the new Leica M7 Edition Hermès.
I know that this is the PurseBlog and I am going off on distant tangents here. But let me elaborate. I have three good reasons to share my new acquisition with our readers.
Firstly, I am an avid photographer. Not only do I occasionally contribute to the editorial with myShutterbags bit, but I also enjoy photographing in my spare time.
Secondly, I am an avid Leica fan and collector. Their optics are outstanding, their rangefinder cameras are legendary and have worked their magic in skilled hands of masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Annie Leibowitz.
Thirdly, it’s Hermès! There is a good reason that the iconic fashion house’s enthusiastic crowd is one of the most active and devoted on TPF. Hermès’ leather working, craftsmanship and history are second to none

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