Thursday, July 8, 2010

Damned Appealing-Hermes Shoulder Birkin

Hermes’new designer Jean Paul Gaultier changes work — now you can actually get the bag over your shoulder.
Due to its shortened height, the bag seems as long as an eighteen wheeler semi! Like Luella with her Baby Gisele, the logic step to an already successful handbag was to adding a shoulder design and appeal to a wider audience. Among the large variety of carry-alls that we’ve seen, this new shoulder Birkin sure is in contention for the throne. So damned appealing!The new “pumpkin orange” shade will go for £4,000 (~$7,500). Stores around the globe hesitated with the large orders for the bag, unsure about how the new low profile would appeal to the customer base. In addition, a limited production is running on these treasures as well. Hence, the new Hermes Shoulder Birkins are even scarcer than the legendary regular Birkins.
However, since Jean Paul’s line had been intruded last fall, US sales for Hermes went through the roof. Coincidence? I do not think so. Treat yourself with a latest Hermes Replica

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