Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HERMES BOUTIQUE in any order

BIRKIN was born in 1984, HERMES was met with President on the plane of the female singer, JEAN, France, she BIRKIN) (like some more complained to the President, now find works excellent and practical big bag, HERMES then President of a specially designed for her handbag, and with the naming of her. BIRKIN packet size are 30CM, 35CM 40CM, four different 45CM, the choice, but 90 different materials and colors to choose (cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, and precious alligator, an ostrich and lizard skin). Price from the most basic design, 5 million yuan, luxurious precious for 30 million, cortex. This day, there are still a long WAITING LIST to overflow, because each bag is the master, a handmade leather finishing time for three months, so, usually in order to six months after the later to take to 1.
HERMES BOUTIQUE in any order, but can be made to France. Usually if good relationship with manager will inform stock, first. Millions of people have heard in Japan in BIRKIN etc, it only refers to the order. Somebody is like black goat skins is gold, silver clasp two options button, but you'll want goat skins, that is tie-in diamond button. Very special mix all want to order, if only want to buy, can be in line WAITING LIST on goods, to notify you can. Princess GRACE KELLY packets are Morocco KELLY because when she is pregnant with the alligator HERMES handbags to conceal the belly for pregnant and uplift of the screen became so HERMES then placed by Mr. Cover, KELLY names this handbag. Then the brand is chairman of HERMES 1974 Dumas depend on Jean - plane met, just like some more female Birkin mother do like some more Birkin Kelly complain to chairman of the Bag Bag of narrow body, and easy to carry, not dull color.gives babies. So in BAG DUMAS KELLY based on the transformation of Birkin BAG BAG, Birkin volume and capacity than KELLY, hand BAG BAG long arm than KELLY.
French woman usually depending on Kelly, but for the baby Birkin released out of the opportunities, the history of its relevant. In their eyes Birkin and JPG Birkin is new. Birkin always color, the French as magical color, and present the concept of low self-confidence against.

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