Monday, August 23, 2010

What makes this type of Birkin handbag so different?

Hermes Birkin is going to introduce a totally new brand in China on this September. Hermes as a French company is in hope of getting more customers in the second largest luxury market around the world through this plan. Hermes 2010 handbags and shoes are increasingly popular. The northern area director of Hermes, Florian Craen states that the brand Shang Xia will be completely free from Hermes main product line so as not to confuse customers. Some analysts believe that the new Shang Xia shops will dilute Hermes brand which is famous for its Hermes Kelly and Birkin handbags. The first shop of Shang Xia shops will be opened in Shanghai, selling dishware and furniture. However, Florian Craen says on British Financial Times that Hermes is a Paris company and Shang Xia is completely different from it. "This is a Chinese brand developed by Chinese team, based on Chinese techniques and primarily produced in China. We do not expect to cause any misunderstanding". Hermes decides to create a single brand for Chinese market aloneChristian Louboutin, which also reflects a tough problem luxury-product companies have faced in China mainland. These enterprises have to blaze a trail in an attempt to maintain the value of its brand and to attract more Chinese consumers by localized products. Chanel and Prada recently introduce special products relevant with Shanghai Expo, including Chanel handbags with Chinese take-away plastics. But their goal seems to please Shanghai government instead of shaping its strategy in Chinese market. Hermes has not revealed details of Shang Xia brand, nor has it publicized the brand.For business, the only change is permanent. Sichuan Road from Shanghai to Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road and then to those with big commercial street in the past few years in upgrading and start a series of business restructuring. The end result of these adjustments are dashed by the corporate front, take on the main business operations, instead of the traditional departmentherve leger store-style commercial distribution channels. When Huaihai Road will be Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes flagship store and other big names to the form into her arms, in this Nanjing West Road, on the one-stop shopping and the Frog, Dr. UNIQLO global flagship store will open in the week. An operating business class business industry for many years, said Dr. Rana and choose UNIQLO shop in the eastern section of Nanjing Road, which is neither a "Mei Taiheng" high-end department store pressure, there is no pedestrian The bustling, commercial heights in the pools. "Most of the original high-level department store in Nanjing West Road, but there are more super flagship stores of famous enterprises, such as ZARA, MASHA, NIKE, Dr. Rana and now the emergence of UNIQLO further padded its flagship chain store category . "he said. Had the same feeling with the Shanghai Huangpu Qu Shangwei insiders pointed out that in the Huangpu District business restructuring process of investigationMoncler, most of the more popular brands of creating experiential shopping.

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