Monday, August 2, 2010

looking for budget relocations should consider their choice of location carefully

Commercial property markets have struggled following recent international credit shortages. However, falling values have attracted numerous overseas buyers and some commercial property still retains a premium. The recent sale of Mayfair offices by Hermes Birkin Estate at a four per cent yield is a useful example.Businesses looking to resize and move to new offices have to consider the cost of moving and the benefits of hiring office specialists to help. By employing an agent, a company can also continue driving its business forward, while an office relocation project manager takes care of the details.Commercial property agents are best placed to understand these market developments. This 'inside view' could be of even greater help to companies moving to London for the first time. Experts say that commercial property agents can offer those looking for office space a number of key advantages.When representing a tenant, they can be trusted to find a Hermes Kelly at the right price ? not necessarily one that the landlord is looking to achieve. Equally, the opportunity to harness the insider knowledge of commercial letting agents ? who may know about good locations due to come onto the market, can give firms a head-start. Rather than simply scanning available office space and wasting time continually checking what is available, interested tenants can be alerted by those in the know. The same grounding is also useful when it comes to the crunch. Commercial estate agents are aware of the market moves and will have their finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing what might be around the corner ? will the location, for example, be set for major new transport links, like Stratford following the construction work done for the Olympic Games; or is the nearby Tube station set to close for the first six months of the commercial lease? With an understanding of the local area and the birkin handbag conditions in what are changing times for the property market, an agent can help a tenant find the right space at the right price and make the new site or office relocation that much smoother.

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