Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Hermes bag also holds its value. Some will even be worth more as the years go by

In 1956 Grace Kelly appeared on the cover of Life Magazine with the Hermes Lindy using the famous handbag to cover her pregnant stomach.Suddenly there was a six month waiting list to get one, which is still the case in most Hermès stores in the United States.The Birkin bag was designed for actress Jane 40cm birkin in the 1980's.While rummaging through her bag and complaining on an airplane, Ms. Birkin just happened to be sitting next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the Chairman of HermèsThe Birkin bag was born......The wait for a special order Birkin can be up to six years, based on the type of leather or special skin requested.We will try to eliminate that problem for youHermes birkin Handbags is the most famous designer handbags in the world.This is because of the expensive materials and exceptional craftmanship.The Kelly bag was borned in the 1930's and soon made it in the designer handbag industry.Amount the most famous, the Birkin, was deam of ladies.The Birkin bags can be priced from $6,000 to $50,000.Waiting time of a special Birkin can be more than six years.However, We can custom make kelly and birkin handbag within 3 days.Just choose from our togo leather , ostrich skin , crocodile skin , and tell us your hardware, Year ID, craftman ID.We will provide you the best quality birkin and kelly handbags in the world.craftman ID.Please distinguish our high quality Hermes purses from other fake deisgner bags and replica Hermes handbag or replica kelly bag.All our pictures are taken from our actual birkin handbags.The Hermès Kelly bag was designed by Hermes Birkin in Paris, France in the 1930s and was shortly thereafter sold in the US. Its fame has been enhanced by its popularity among famous female personalities worldwide, including its royal family namesake, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.

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