Thursday, August 19, 2010

A comparison of well-known brands of designer handbags for those who can afford

what are the most sought-after? Here are some of the labels that have made a splash amongst the designer label-buying set.CoachThis American brand may be a new player as far as established bag brands are concerned, but Hermes Birkin now one of the most popular ones. The Legacy Signature Satchel is the most popular for those that want to achieve that vintage look. The Patent Gallery Tote, on the other hand, looks good with business attire and is often seen carried by ladies in the corporate setting.Kate SpadeKnown for its casual, laid-back style, the Kate Spade designer handbags series is a pretty addition to a girls handbag collection. The Kate Spade Tracy Patent Satchel veers away from the typical signature Kate Spade style, but still serves the purpose of being practical and versatile. Of course you cant talk about Kate Spade without mentioning its trademark Diaper Bag, which is what the brand is known for the most.PradaAlmost everyone associates designer handbags with the name Prada. The most popular to hit the runway this season is the Prada Stripes Hobo, made of the finest Nappa leatherBirkin. Those who prefer classic trends can get it in black, but for the more adventurous ones, the multi-coloured small version will certainly appeal to you. For those who want to make a statement, you can get yourself a Prada Fairy Bag. With pixies and fairies printed on the deerskin material, the Fairy Bag was so much the rage that it ran out of stock at one point!Louis VuittonAs far as designer handbags go, LV is in a league of its own, so much so that numerous imitations have been created and sold in the black marketChristian Louboutin Boots. However, the true LV lovers are a discerning set and can easily tell a fake from an authentic. From the round-edged Papillon 30 and the Houston in Monogram Vernis leather, you cant go wrong with an LV purchase.Hermes BirkinFor a time, the Hermes Birkin was one of the most in-demand designer handbags, as there was a long waiting list of eager women, waiting to get their hands on one. Exorbitantly priced at $7,500, this bag is the ultimate status symbol as far as high fashion Monclergoes. Its one of the few fashion pieces that actually increase in value through time, so many consider it a worthwhile steal.With such a wide selection of designer handbags in the market, its no wonder people go gaga over them. So if you want to look good and be a head-turner amongst the aficionados of designer handbags, go and invest in a designer bag. Worried you might feel short-changed? Look at it as a worthy investment thatll make you look and feel goodherve leger
If youre a fan of Sex and the City or Devil Wears Prada or a regular reader of fashion magasines like Vogue or Marie Claire, youre sure to know what the latest must-haves are when it comes to designer handbags. Nowadays, not only celebrities and socialites are the ones seen carrying around these pricey pieces. Even the hard-working, high-paying yuppies or moneyed housewives carry designer handbags.Out of the many designer Hermes Handbag out there,

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