Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the young mother often feel that rather than allowing himself to do things

After the first lesson in kindergarten finished, a mother came up, frowned at me: \many, particularly poor efficiency, how to tell her she did not listen to reason, and only with her shouting, she can be a little faster, but still do the next time. \cried the girl to play \? \and the mother the same distress: the child moves too slowly, things start coming along, slowly, consume unnecessary time and decrease the efficiency of doing things, especially clothes and eating self-care aspects, seems very dawdling. When one of the children with their peers compared to the slow movement appears, the class of teacher Ye such Fanying O'clock, Jia Zhang Jiu Zhong Shi should be a. Yinwei childhood is movement important period of development, slow the children there do not Linghuo Wangwangrongyi , uncoordinated behavior, affect the future physical and intellectual development. school, if the homework is too slow, it will affect their learning, rest and normal recreational activities; exam time too slow, often not done went to the teacher time volume, leading to achievement decline; the time too slow, they often can not beat, let others lead, these will be children great psychological pressure. action Huanman children's Shenjingleixing often belong to relatively quiet and slow-type, which is the child's innate temperament can change my whole life, parents for the child's temperament can only be accepted and acted upon; Again, some children born with the atmosphere, more mature, think twice, think a lot of things in the process of and so also slow due to careful and prudent, so that the rather high efficiency. In this regard, parents need to carefully determine the Children's Chronic judge then conducted on the conditioning.
from children,barbie girls, unskilled movement is An important reason for the slow movement with small children,I was a bit too did not understand, when neuromuscular activity is not coordinated, it must be very slow when doing things be good, control is maintained. As parents, it is necessary to help children exercise movements often create situations, in order to facilitate the child's neuromuscular development of timely and coordinated. no time to slow the sense of urgency is another important reason. because children do not know if he has an event to accomplish a better result after what He just continued with the habit of just once, he did not think there is anything wrong with his slow, then, we must provide more incentives for the children making children feel able to work efficiently and get a good return.

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