Monday, September 20, 2010

After getting married before dasey was the same day

Dasey's birthday, linyi days without contact her, she thought it was a deliberate Lin, in order to give her a surprise. When the telephone rang, dasey picked up the phone and said: "where have you been?" Just to hear each other in astonishment say: "ah?" She asked: "who are you Hermes Birkin?" "I'm gong!" She angrily say: "how are you?" Gong light marked said: "happy birthday!" "Thank you! No prior to hang!" Gong said: "ok! Goodbye!" Not until the same answer, but other dasey was doodle doodle voice... Rang again, Lin, answered the phone call, dasey rush ran downstairs, but Lin looked very unhappy. Dasey thought, he is probably wanted to give me a surprise! Lin asked dasey: "the evening can not return? With me!" Dasey hesitated promised! To hotel, dasey knew originally sadness, pain expression is can not disguise. Lin speaking a period of pongxi she didn't want to hear the story of one girl: originally, call in a film academy, he hopes his girlfriend and other girl, hope she was not worldly, but when he went to find pistil, but she and a rich go together with, say, Lin demeans itself is not free. Morning, Lin with close-knit allowance for pistil bought a diamond ring, but the results were pistil lost back. Dasey hand at the diamond, engraved with a "falls" word, in this moment, dasey good hate, hate yourself why so hard? Why want to know? If she does not know, she'll think the word is her name, but the tears, dasey comforter, Lin said: "ok, fine!" Before long, the mother is gong dasey was due to her work, what is the marketing management company lacks of the same father, so, she again to the same father company work. Seeing that you graduated to each rush thing, dasey and Lin also broke up.
Dasey's dad came to the same with years of hard work, shenzhen development dasey had excellent performance. After all, dasey was now in Chinese branch of British corporation manager. Dasey bought a house for himself and buy a car, she just to show others some things will, but only a matter of time.

At the same time, please return the family abroad at dinner including dasey. Dasey saw gong still as usual, or that no change, no Ta pull larry what progress. After dinner, dasey askedGHD Styler , "where are you going?" Answer: "white swan gong!" Dasey and irony of say: "you always stay rich that star hotel." Gong didn't answer the question, but dasey asked her, "can accompany me up?" "Why?" Gong pleaded said: "even beg you, accompany me up, ok?" Dasey would want to accompany him up, just entered door, gong said: "shut your eyes!" Bottom five! When dasey open your eyes, in the corner of the room out many clowns play, singing for her. Then, a five-layer gong of big cake go before dasey: "happy birthday!" Dasey, because she has good years without's birthday. Gong hand ring kneeling on the ground to dasey seriously say: "marry to me, ok?" Dasey say: "give me a reason!" "I love you!" Gong answer. Dasey nodded, but she doesn't know it is right or wrong, because she didn't forget Lin, but her parents, Alexander McQueen gong is very good. Before long, gong and dasey married.

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