Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gorgeous colour beautiful dress in the mood

In fashionable hovering forward, designers to found women with romantic nostalgic boudoir in, and the mood in the design of 10 chun xia female, brittle, soft makeup pink carnations powder etc, with a female charm.No matter from fabric or color, lightsome feeling is chun xia is one of the most important visual effect, so look again lightsome but ShuiFen color became the focus of this spring.By the use of colors, almost equally happy "tone", colorless throughout this fundamental underwear series, practical dress and straightforward rural farm, occasionally wind adorns the pink brings a romantic breath.This season with orange red is actually is a continuation of the coral red season, which is typical of the season GanJiaoGong is key color, simple outline coat, coat, the loins of dress robes, visual effect is very fresh.The fresh green quiet and reserved, tonal revealed budding of purity. Using crystal, diamond decorations collocation can strengthen the lightsome feeling, smooth air a elegant amorous feelings, let more graceful noble also reserve vivid, let you indulge in darkness.

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