Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Rome Plebiscito Via del Edoardo field

Louis Vuitton Vuitton depend on French history is the most outstanding leather design masters. In 1854 in Paris to open the trunk of the name. A century later, Louis vuitton suitcase with leather fields as one of the brand, and become a symbol of the society. Nowadays, Louis vuitton this one brand is not limited to design and sold high-grade leather and bags, but become involved in fashion, decorations, leather shoes, bags, jewellery, watches, media, famous giant trend indicator etc.
Fendi story begins in 1925 sled-dog relayHermes Birkin. In Rome Plebiscito Via del Edoardo field, a small Adele and achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly manufacturing handbags and furs. In the second world war, the company began a brighter future. Five sisters, Anna, Paola - Franca, Carla Alda and achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly in 1946 to join the family business. Today, fendi continue to innovative design shock fashion.
Italian Bvlgari (Chinese counterparts, in France, bao geli) and Cartier American difuni the world's third-largest jewelry brand. This brand originating from Greece's founder, cable, Boolean Gary is Greek Iraq's defence of the region a silversmith. In 1879, cable's Leo family emigrated to Italian Naples, 1884 he opened a silver in Rome, specializes in selling fine silver carvings.

GIVENCHY (GIVENCHY) who founded in 1927 Hubert GIVENCHY DE France in Normandy was an art family Beauvais. Since show its artistic talent, GIVENCHY (GIVENCHY) in ten years old visited Paris world clothing hall, decided to become a fashion designer. Between 1945 and 1949 in Paris during Lelong Lucien (le)herve leger , cheung PiKai Robert RobertPiquet), the method (thought), the queen Fath Jacques (summer Schiapareli (as) combination designers.

In 1941, six in Manhattan by exquisite craft pausing artisans, located in an attic family workship produced high quality leather, COACH brand born thereafter. This brand is the most popular American market and the most successful long time of leather brand. Founder liu said COACH, frank blessing from the first pair of traditional in baseball glove making inspiration. He found the baseball glove more smooth, so he learn the techniques, and after careful treatment, durable baseball glove leather becomes soft and durable. This kind of leather with charming natural grain, and need not complicated maintenance skillMoncler, also can maintain the original appearance. Products include handbag, hats and decorations. In 2002, the COACH, spring series products, including man, shoes, scarves, trunk, briefcase, belts, etc.

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