Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why can shop to sell at a lower price?

Many brands, especially apparels, less frequently, 400-500 yuan, thousands of dollars. During the activities of these goods but rather can play to 2-5 fold the left and right sides. The hard to avoid lets consumer psychological gap.
Since the mall is expensive goods, why can shop selling at a lower price? A reporter open web page, shopping stores can search for sb. In search of the residents, the reporter discovers many businesses, even in the homepage marked: "the original invoice is goods, take, can accept inspection. Counters
With many shop owner in conversation, the reporter understands, the main causes of low price from "the owner's identity" or "different price".
Originally, some shop owner is a brand products sales. They use their employees, can buy to discount, then turn to the internal network marketing earn price difference. Discount,
While some stores in some local regularly brands promotions, select some discount strength, pushing up prices of goods in the Internet. Low intensity and promotion of the urban consumer sees, can choose in the shop. "With the buyer in purchasing" after a sale, will go after purchase hypostatic store, sent to make or postage.
The shop owner miss xu buy refrigerators, outspoken "cheap" goods directly from the manufacturer because purchase, without any intermediate link, and do not need to pay the fees. Physical stores Therefore, the owner can put most of the profits, let out small.
The shopkeeper also told reporters that they are cheaper and electrical a very important reason that the sales of electric usually have small flaws, but does not affect the use.
Shopkeepers emphasize said: "these scratches absolutely do not affect the normal use of electric. Even in the mall to buy appliances normal during transportation, there won't be too hard. Not emphasize the appearance against the customer can accept."
"Some big brand shop, a poor attitude of my clothes to try, the waiter was told me that it is chiling Lin, you wear through coverall. I don't like to go online to buy altogether, why take money for gas. The king was angry deep.
This shopping way so attractive, "copy", the Internet in imparting experience, summarized a set of "in the field of language to get." These measures is multifarious, the netizens summarized the following way: hidden candid camera, Memorizing method; Surreptitious method; Transfer line method. The fitting room is closed for into the phone number, quickly take down pat: for example, if not copy pictures also allowed businesses, just look in the eyes, and leave immediately after the counter rote down the item.

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