Monday, October 25, 2010

please add some mobile phone network package

Transportation in the way you choose to do what? If you have trouble traffic complain? Many professional women are accustomed to using a taxi or a car to work, but I still want to remind youHermes Birkin, choose subway etc public transport, the rush hour in a crowded, for you save is not only the money. In addition, below 4 hours of short flight, business class and economy actually bring you will like you imagine the difference in that big. On the same flight, will let you soon accumulate a free ticket or a free accommodation.
do long trip travel plans for you can save large fees. One month in advance tickets and hotel reservation often have considerable discount. To reasonable use their vacations, avoid long trips, this period in the travel expense is the highest in a year. While off-season often not only bring you the most economic travel expenses, also can avoid crowds. Group ticket is a very popular savings plan, you can easily Ctrip in sina and large website community and find like-minded chipped BBS.
The social occasions if you often to buy a famous dress or the corresponding jewellery big nerve-racking, I suggest some second-handHermes Birkin shops. Nothing so embarrassed, you aren't, there's no need for vanity socialite spending money. The wear a dress, you can also speak with the boss to give him. Scalping, You may pay a night for the feast QingXiFei some will be enough. In addition, no one will pay attention to how much of your necklace, a pair of elegant drill carat, but should evening shoe in your investment plan.
Friendship, someone about this business is to feel a shame. But facts have proved that have good connections can save money for you. Usually at the hospital, catering, garage, finance, durable consumer goods, electrical appliances industry is most worth your friend contact and keep good relationship. Regular friends often brings you a surprise, such as an internal promotion or employee preferential price, etc. Don't have a quick turn to your newsletter, often you will gradually lose a friend.
12 how leisure sent you leisure time is often a profound knowledge. Go to the cinema and see the cost of DVD home is completely different,Hermes Purse and also is the good, DVDS, no matter how many people watch, you want to spend a portion of the money. Additionally, the choice of the mode is often play the lowest cost of 10 individual karaoke and bubble will let you feel not so outrageous, some consumer course premise is AA system. Take some HomeParty, is good for the mind and will make people feel that you are very hospitable.

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