Wednesday, October 13, 2010

But in general the false PRADA teach fibe

Really attracted Outlet of brand, but also has a few luxury brand in the Outlet, such as apparel brands depend, Hermes was never Vuitton discount, also did not appear in the OutletHermes Birkin, but purely cosmetic brand VII, Maria Galland also is such. Outlet charm, does not seem to attract them, analyzing the reasons, for a while because "need not."
Since, LV always adhere to the "never discount", and refused to enter outlet. HVMH Vuitton depend group, said the pr department like title, surname, badges, etc was aristocratic strata of symbols, luxury brand symbol meaning is successful and wealthy, these are not needed to achieve through "sale".
Relative to LV tactful, VII appears more straightforward, company officials said, the product will only in VII of the senior sales, and outlet is not suitable for us, we mainly is for each customer's requirements and skin, custom designed to meet the requirements of different customers, so seldom have backlog, natural don't need outlet processing goods. Besides, the outlet of the discount, promotion, and may reduce the brand, brand image, the grade that brand become cheaper, this isn't a wise choice.
But DE la Renta experience of this view, but don't agree with that he does not reduce the outlet brand styleherve leger , the brand value discretion and sale, and no direct link between DE la Renta, don't too because of the outlet in the fold, will not luxuries? He added that the outlet is an inevitable trend in the development of luxury brands, even with a few brands not to accept the outlet of the outlet models, but does not change trend, more and more of the brand, are located in outlet roots. Perhaps in the future, with the development of Monclereconomy, will likely will break a few luxuries were excluded from the outlet of the outside.But, ultimately, luxury whether really can all onto the road? "" outlet So far, no real assert that only waiting time to prove, but we also can see.they can check out CuZhuo, there're bright the Numbers. PRADA PRADA PRADA handbags recognition points: the sangha dragon: the authenticity of nylon is in decline PRADA umbrella material, this kind of material, thin, resistance and toughness, tinggua its material list, but not the luminosity is put at a big mirror under denim.

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