Monday, October 11, 2010

Gameplay is a little on the basic side

Jane Henderson, book editor He may be an award-winning cookbook author, but Mark Bittman writes recipes that sound easy, fresh and healthy. The New York Times columnist has a massive new bookHermes Birkin, "The Food Matters Cookbook," that promises 500 delicious recipes that also are good for the planet and your pants size. Mark Bittman ? 7 p.m. Oct. 7, St. Louis County Library Headquarters, If you thought pink and green shirts with alligators and Robe cocktail Top-Siders were passe, well, think again. Lisa Birnbach teams up with designer Chip Kidd for the new "True Prep," an update on her popular, satirical 1980 book "The Official Preppy Handbook." Of course
Danger Derby' for iPad Review – Zoom Zoom Danger Derby' for iPad Review – Zoom Zoom Two of my favorite things about the iPad include just how much you can see on screen at once and how well this increased screen size goes with single-device multiplayer. Danger Derby [$4.99] is a top-down racing game that fully embraces these two strengths of TCT?Saw?Blade the device. Gameplay is a little on the basic side,Gwyneth Paltrow donates signed purse to herve leger Handbag Happy Hour, but as many developers have proven already with games like NimbleBit's Omium , solid local multiplayer can make even the simplest of games can be a ton of fun.
Four game modes are included in Danger Derby. The first is Arcade mode,Jessica Alba, princesse de Venise sublimée en Valentino, which throws you in to a four car race. Finishing third or better awards upgrade points that are spent after each race to upgrade the speed,Gwyneth Paltrow donates signed purse to Handbag Happy Hour, handling and acceleration of your car. Challenge mode is next, which pits you against a single ghost car to race against. Freeplay allows for play on any track with customizable difficulty, lap count, opponent count, and car upgrade levels. A fourth unlockable mirror mode is also available which flips all the tracks and ramps up the difficulty.
Single player is a little lackluster, as the AI opponents seem to just follow standard racing lines and winning races usually just amounts to not making mistakes. I was almost ready to give up on Danger Derby, then I tried multiplayer. When a second player joins the game,Lace front wigs, a second set of TCT?Saw?Blade on-screen controls appear on the opposite side of the iPad, allowing both players to play. With a another player Monclerin the mix sitting across from you, the game is exponentially more fun as races seem to devolve from just racing around the track as quickly as possible to sabotaging each other.

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