Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just listen to the story is obviously not enjoyable

So far, through the creation of more than a decade, hundreds of artists around the world has left more than a hundred works of art oak in France, London, Tokyo, Japan, Canada, Luxembourg, Brussels and other parts of the world exhibition tour. "Pu Jiao wine barrels Castle Hundred Art Exhibition" More and more people so amazing.In 2008 VINISUD World Wine Fair, to highly reduced miniature works of art of barrel barrel for the art of packaging wine in a treasure, carrying five patents worldwide debut of the limelight, so that the local newspapers in France "In her around, all the booths have eclipsed" is the titleHermes Belts headline coverage.
he story of the French Pavilion in the barrelsAugust 2010, by a well-known French artists in different areas of the five barrels, and Van Gogh, and other world-class exhibits par Miller boarded the French Pavilion Expo. These are the hearts of French people love, they choose to red wine, to the interpretation of the French Museum of Art's most beautiful scenery. Because nothing could be more representative of the essence of the French. Which to include the French National Pavilion Expo artistic director, enjoys a high reputation in the French art world of artists Mr. Long Da's work, he left the castle in the Pu Jiao barrel works of art Home Brewmaster is the across the ocean in the Shanghai and tourists around the world to meet one of the work.
Along the "Centre Pompidou" straight up the escalator, walk with the bustling crowd Garden Champs-Elysees Avenue, accompanied by mellow red wine to the restaurant's glass windows, the French Pavilion of the barrel prior to export colorful works of art especially conspicuous: the famous painter Calvert Montpellier, publicity through the power of color vitality of the Mediterranean, his work "Bacchus" to the people opened the door of his life; Ardche famous cartoonist, television rated Roland HOURS personality of its humor in the work "joy of life" in the performance was sweeping; famous sculptor, artistic director of the French Pavilion Expo Dragon of the lessons from the industrial area of inspiration, his work "Home Brewmaster" people with a unique shape intoHermes Purse a city of the future; landscape painter Andr Laborde's painting "harvest season", with its sensitive soul warm Mediterranean showing the scenery in southern France; well-known photographer, abstract painter Serge Van KHACHE master handwriting, "Castle Wizard "to show people a bizarre world.

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